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Almaden understands your marketing and branding needs

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” – Yogi Berra


Wine & Spirits Preorder Tool

Web-enabled seasonal & regional allocation

Easily launch, manage, and support

Budget control & co-op funds management

Real-time inventory for print & swag

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Corporate Gifting

Real-time notifications

No hidden fees, one invoice

Almaden Solutions

Weekly reporting

CRM workflow

Same-day shipping and tracking

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Gift Engine by Almaden Global

Online Solutions & Company Stores

Secure, user-friendly, and web browser accessible

Payment checkout with P-card/budget codes and customer payment info not stored without consent

Almaden Solutions

Offers products and features filters to search products

Order customization and design approval before checkout

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Printing & Packaging

Latest in technology and state-of-the-art capabilities provides the most efficient options available

Extensive in-house bindery and finishing makes us flexible and keeps your project on schedule

Almaden Solutions

G7 master printer with tight quality control programs to ensure the finest quality work

Digital production with BOTH Indigo and iGen presses allows for the perfect application for your project

branded promo products

Mailing & Data Analytics

HIPAA certified and secure data processing ensures your confidential information is protected

From 10 to 10 Million, our team has the capability and experience to get your mail out correctly, on time, every time

Almaden Solutions

Data Analytics help you identify your best customers and target your mail accordingly

USPS Full Service mailer status allows us to offer lowest postal rates, mail anywhere permits, track your mail, and seamless electronic acceptance

Dynamic Data

Promotional Products

Explore swag best representing
brand image

Kit and deliver seamlessly to one or multiple locations

Almaden Solutions

Select and spec the most appropriate items

Source, customize, and decorate per brand guidelines

Promo ProductsFlipbook
Customize quality swag with Almaden Promotional Products.

Wall Graphics & Signage

Review creative designs with key constituents — including designers and installers

Meet tight timelines and other challenging requirements

Almaden Solutions

Produce across an infinite array of substrates and installation configurations

Install with confidence and attention to detail in the field

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Fulfillment & Distribution Solutions

Produce/procure and distribute items to customers, staff, sales teams, recruiters, and channel partners across the globe

Semi or fully automate reorders and define business rules to optimize program

Almaden Solutions

Optimize total cost with a blend of inventory and print-on-demand, including variable documents

Dynamic, user-friendly online portals customized to your needs and goals

Event Kits & Collateral

Define, create, and bundle event materials for deployment to company events

Configure web-based technologies to enable easy user ordering on-the-go

Almaden Solutions

Integrate branded print, promotional items, and signage

Augment with customized, one-off print, and promotional items as needed

Lead / Demand Generation

Swiftly respond with pre-designed packaging templates in all shapes and sizes

Integrate with Salesforce® or other CRM for easy ordering and campaign data capture

Almaden Solutions are a targeted approach to marketing supply chain

Quickly customize the box and insert designs to your actual needs

Produce, assemble, and distribute your demand-generation campaign pieces

Rapidly develop and adjust physical prototypes