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5-Part Series Wrap Up: Do You Need a Marketing Supply Chain?

5-Part Series Wrap-Up
“Do You Need a Marketing Supply Chain?” 

We’ve created bite-sized chunks of Eric Stern‘s amazing article, so it’s a bit easier to consume and share.


Part 1 Marketing Objectives: Revenue and Growth 

We launched this series identifying the objectives and the right questions to ask yourself and your suppliers. An optimized supply chain will speed time to the field and increase return on marketing spend. The Marketing Supply Chain refers to the creation, production, and distribution of the materials needed to support event marketing and sales.

Part 2 The Three Elements of a Marketing Supply Chain

In part 2, we dive into the three elements of a great Marketing Supply Chain:
1. Branded Ordering Portal
2. Professional Project Management
3. Distribution Center
Finding a supplier who has mastered all three elements of the supply chain is not easy – so, you have to do your homework. Start with the questions to ask your own team that were discussed here, in Part 1.

Part 3 The Value of a Good Marketing Supply Chain Partner

Part 3 presents an Almaden Case Study and discusses the value of having a great partner.
“A healthy discovery process means developing a list of questions to ask when interviewing your potential supply chain partners. And the more questions you ask, the better your chance for success.”

Part 4 Simplified Process

In part 4, we discuss – once you decide you need a Marketing Supply Chain and then you select your partner – the entire process is simplified.
“Instead of responding to marketing crisis after marketing crisis – branding, selling, and driving revenue become the focus.”

Part 5 Launching Your Marketing Supply Chain

The 5th and final part of our series addresses the launch of your MSC and ways you can celebrate your new process and custom online ordering portal.
Check out the list of 8 ways you can celebrate your new marketing supply chain process here.


You can read the full article, “What is a Marketing Supply Chain and Do You Need One?” by Eric Stern in Integrate Magazine

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