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The Value of a Good Marketing Supply Chain Partner

By May 23, 2023May 30th, 2023Marketing Supply Chain Services

Marketing Supply Chain, part 3
The Value of a Good Marketing Supply Chain Partner

“Like choosing a partner in marriage, the relationship with a vendor is a critical component of success.”
Eric Stern, CEO of Almaden

Your Marketing Supply Chain Partner

Choosing the right MSC partner is vitally important. This relationship brings incredible value and peace of mind to marketers and event planners. Thought and effort must go into developing an internal team and then, deciding on and constructing business rules to create your Marketing Supply Chain. This requires an investment of time and money. If the right time and thought aren’t taken, your chosen vendor partner will not meet your needs and your marketing efforts and sales department will suffer.

Choose Wisely

If you choose wrong and break up with your vendor partner – it will time time consuming, plus create a great deal of discomfort.
Do the due diligence needed to keep from making the wrong choice.

What Should You Find Out?

A healthy discovery process means developing a list of questions to ask when interviewing your potential supply chain partners. And the more questions you ask, the better your chance for success.

Since we launched our Marketing Supply Chain model, we’ve seen a pattern when it comes to vetting our capabilities. Almaden prospects typically bring 2 to 4 colleagues to interviews and ask reasonable questions of our capabilities.


Almaden Case Study

A prospect brought 16 team members to the discovery call: everyone from field marketing, brand, sales, HR and other departments joined in. Each had specific needs not being met by their current supplier.

While it was an impressive vetting process, Almaden had answers and solutions for each question and challenge. This prospect made the decision to partner with us and proceeded directly to our exclusive onboarding process.

The pain they were experiencing, some of which was acute, is now gone.

This client no longer deals with and tolerate an ineffective supply chain. They are, instead, marketing, selling, and driving revenue. Exactly what a supply chain partner should provide for their trusting clients.



This is Part 3 of a 5-part series, Do You Need a Marketing Supply Chain? 

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Full article, “What is a Marketing Supply Chain and Do You Need One?” by Eric Stern in Integrate Magazine

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Almaden is the leader in providing  Marketing Supply Chain Services to corporate marketing, sales, HR, recruiting, and event teams. Comprehensive branding capabilities include offset and digital printing; promotional products; large format printing and wall graphics; direct marketing analytics and mailing services; and technology-enabled distribution, kitting and fulfillment.


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